Our Ministry In Uganda

Feed my Lambs has been commissioned to go to Africa to preach the gospel, save souls, and set the captives free in Jesus Christ's name. We  have satelite ministries in Uganda, and we are constructing a new church building. These churches also serve as schools during the week. 

You can take part in blessing this part of the world by donating any amount via PayPal, clicking on the button above:





Pastor Restored is a humble and dedicated man of God. He has been recently appointed as the Head Pastor of Feed My Lambs Jinja, Uganda by Senior Pastor Brenda Folkes. He has a passion for the word, is profound in music and worship ministry and ministers through the church radio station.

Sister Christine, wife to Pastor Restored is a vibrant and passionate Worship Leader. She uses her gift of singing to bring glory to God and user those within there congregation into the presence of God.



Pastor Moses is a true man of Godly principles. He and his wife Janet are the Head Pastors of Feed My Lambs Tororo, Through the collaboration of Pastor Restored, they have been recently developing members within their congregation within the Music ministry department. They often spend time Traveling around Uganda with speakers preaching the gospel and continuing their missionary work reaching people where they are.

Bless Uganda
The Bless Uganda project provides you with a way to work alongside Feed My Lambs Church, providing neccassary resources to those in connection with our branches in Uganda.
We send 100% of all gift donations to our team in Uganda who will carefully select and distribute, meeting as many points of need as possible. These donations could cover anything from providing food, water, skills training, Transport & more.
Any one time or regular gift donation will be massively welcomed and utilised in the best way possible, blessing both young and old in Uganda.


We are praying for the current political climate in Uganda as there is unrest.


We are praying for the souls of those in Feed My Lambs Uganda that they may be saved.


We are praying over the leaders in Government in Uganda that they have the wisdom of the Lord in their decision making.

Our Missions From United Kingdom To Uganda
Uganda 2019
Senior Pastor Brenda Folkes, Associate Pastor Jemma DaCosta and Minister Frankie Lewin Travelled to Uganda in October.
They were able to provide resources to our growing Church branches and also Minister the word of God.
Uganda 2015
Feed My Lambs Founders & Senior Pastors Winston & Brenda Folkes, and Evangelist Deborah Louise Travelled to Uganda late 2015.
They were able to provide resources to our growing Church branches, Build new church Branches on the acquired land and also Minister the word of God.
Current Projects
We are currently completing the build of our Church branch in Tororo Uganda. 
You can help out buy simply purchasing a brick, two or a few that will bring a massive contribution to our overall project!

Be A Blessing With Your Giving

You can take part in blessing this part of the world by donating any amount via PayPal, clicking on the button below:


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Weekly and Monthly Services:

Wednesday - 8pm - 10pm

Sunday - 2:00pm - 4pm | every 1st Sunday Testimony Service

Here at Feed My Lambs Ministries Internationals, we preach the undiluted Word Of God - we are not held responsible for comments or private interpretation of the scriptures by any speaker. We aim not to cause hurt, offence or distress to any of our listeners.

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